"I have absolutely loved my pack. It’s flexible enough to use in so many ways while still feeling sturdy. It smells amazing even after having it for quite some time. I even used it on the floor when my daughter began learning how to sit up and needed something to grab onto. 😂  My favorite use for it by far has been simply for weighted pressure during my yoga practice. I lay it across my hips, collarbones, one shoulder, or draped over my eyes and forehead. The sound and movement of the filling settling, along with the weight, is so relaxing and perfect for still poses or savasana. Can not recommend these beautiful, high quality pieces enough! ❤️" -Katherine from Maynard, MA


"I purchased the monthly bean and it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. It's generous size and soft flax filling is like a weighted blanket for my stomach and the fabric is so much softer than I expected. If you want a beautiful piece that can be used hot or cold for many years I would recommend Payne & Comfort!" -Evelyn from Port Chester, NY


"Payne & comfort is my favorite for disappearing from reality for a bit. I love their designs and the dried lavender socket sacks are perfect for a mini getaway on my sofa. Our clients love them too and we continue to sell out!" -BOX babe


"I have suffered from horrible migraines for years and got tierd of taking meds to treat them, I tried so many holistic approaches but still nothing helped, until i came across your etsy page. I was instantly drawn to the cute patterns and I bought the neck and shoulders pad with lil skulls on it with lavender and fell in love, it has helped Significantly and i immediately purchased all of your items. I now sleep so peacefully and anytime I have a migraine i know i will be okay thanks to your products!" -Kylee from Chandler, AZ


"Payne & Comfort products have provided me with so much relief for my varying issues related to a car accident. I sprained my ankle and still have a lot of trouble with my ankle swelling but Payne & Comfort’s hot pack sits perfectly to provide me with some relief. The lavender that she uses smells so good and helps to provide relaxation. I enjoy using her eye pillow when I am having migraines. The wrap fits perfectly to hit the areas on my lower back that need some comfort. Her items are quality products and she always has super cute patterns." -Ashlyn from Dorchester, MA


"As someone who struggles with pain issues I know my way around hot/cold packs and these aren’t your granny’s! I’ve always been too embarrassed to bring mine to work with me where I tend to have the most pain sitting at my desk most of the day. Not anymore! The prints are expertly chosen to be fresh and on trend. I don’t feel weird at all taking it to my office now and I have actually received many comments about how pretty it is which took away all the fear of feeling awkward wearing it. Self care can now look so chic!" -Sarah from Milford, NH