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What’s the story behind your business name and logo?

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of contrast- of two opposing ideas coming together and working in harmony. Black and white, hot and cold, old and new… you can’t have one without the other. You can’t have comfort without pain. (Pain is spelled “Payne” in my business name because that’s my last name!) The skull in my logo represents what most people would consider the most extreme aspect of pain- death. Comfort- or life- is represented by the thriving flowers underneath- a lavender stem and a flax flower (both of which I utilize in making my products). Hot/cold therapy pillows have existed for a long time, but I strive to bring a new badass energy to an old sewing classic.

How do I use my hot/cold pack?

Your hot/cold pack came with a branded instruction tag, but in case you lost it- all hot/cold packs can be placed in both the microwave or freezer to melt (or cool) the stress away! Microwave times:

Socket Sacks- 30-40 seconds

Wicked Warmers- 30-40 seconds

The Basic- 40- 60 seconds

Payne Killers- 80-90 seconds

The Monthly Bean- 60-80 seconds

It is highly recommended that you place a cup of water in the microwave while heating your pack. This prevents the pack from drying out and reduces the risk of "hot spot" burns.

All products can be placed in the freezer for one hour (or longer) for use cold. A plastic baggie will help keep your pack smelling fresh and not like the freezer.

Place your hot/cold pack on tired eyes, angry muscles, or otherwise sore body parts to relieve tension and soothe stress. Please note this information is not intended to be medical advice. If you’re unsure whether or not hot/cold therapy is helpful for your condition, please ask your doctor prior to use.

What if I don't have a microwave?

You can always use your hot/cold pack simply for cold therapy only. But there IS another way to heat it- a crock pot! Place your hot/cold pack in a clean crock pot on low heat for about an hour, turning over halfway through. Please note all crock pots are different and you may need to experiment with time and temperature to get the heat just right. Keep an eye on it the first time to prevent burning!

What are the hot/cold packs filled with?

Flaxseed and optional dried lavender buds. Flaxseed contains a natural oil that helps it to maintain heat better than rice and other alternative grains. It provides a moist heat that promotes healing, plus the size of the seed has a nice plush feel to it. Lavender has naturally calming properties that promote extra relaxation and can be particularly helpful for headache-sufferers.

Can I use essential oils with my hot/cold pack?

Absolutely! Just place a few drops on the fabric and shake it up. True essential oils should not stain the fabric. If you’re not sure if you have pure essential oil, place a drop on a white piece of paper and let it dry. If it dries clear, you’re good to go! If it dries leaving a stain, it will also stain your fabric so apply it at your own risk.

How do I keep my hot/cold pack clean?

Make sure to remove all your make-up before using your hot/cold pack on that cute face! Wipe down your microwave or place your hot/cold pack on a clean microwave-safe dish before heating up. Do not use any perfumes, hair sprays, or chemical cleaning products around your hot/cold pack.

How should I store my hot/cold pack?

If you’re ever not using your hot/cold pack, you’ll want to store it in a plastic baggie. If you like it cold, you can store it right in the baggie in the freezer (which also keeps it from smelling like freezer burn, yuck). If you store it outside the freezer, it’s still recommended to keep it in a baggie to prevent accidental stains or prevent mice from getting into it (yes this actually happened to someone). Note the plastic baggie cannot go in the microwave…but you’re smart enough to know that, right?

I’m sloppy and got a stain on my hot/cold pack. How can I clean it?

It’s okay, I’m sloppy too. DO NOT use any chemical cleaning products on your hot/cold pack as these may be flammable when heated and may also cause irritation when the pack touches the skin. To best clean your hot/cold pack, press a warm wet paper towel to the stain and try to soak out as much as you can. If necessary, gently rub a mild, clear hand soap into the stain and continue to soak it up with the wet paper towel. Let it air dry and repeat if necessary. Payne & Comfort products cannot go in the washing machine or dryer. Please note P&C cannot replace hot/cold packs due to stains that occur after purchasing.

There’s something wrong with my hot/cold pack. What do I do?

Oh no! As long as you are following the heating and care instructions above, it should be smooth sailing. But in the rare instance a manufacturer’s defect does occur, P&C will provide a refund less shipping or a replacement product WITHIN 90 DAYS of purchase. After 90 days of use, P&C can no longer offer a refund or replacement. Please email with all product concerns. Inquiries will be responded to within 48 hours. Please note stains are not considered a manufacturer’s defect. See cleaning and care instructions above.

Do you offer returns?

Yes! Please read the full return policy.

Do you offer custom orders?

It depends. If you're looking for one of my products in a different fabric already available in my shop, I can likely do it. Custom sizes however are more complicated, and I may not always have the time to test new products for microwave safety and comfort. Email to discuss options and pricing. Please note custom orders will not be available at all during the months of October-December due to increased holiday order volume.

Do you wholesale?

Yes! If you’re interested in becoming a P&C retail partner, click the WHOLESALE tab above. You can also find Payne & Comfort on Faire Wholesale.

Where can I buy your products?

Aside from here and Etsy, P&C products are carried in some amazing shops and spas throughout the country! Click IN STORES to locate a shop near you.

Do you ever offer sales or coupons?

Sure thing! Email subscribers get 10% off one order by signing up. I also run several shop sales throughout the year! The best way to be notified when those are happening is to subscribe to emails. You can also follow @payneandcomfort on Instagram (although email subscribers find out about sales first)!

Where are Payne & Comfort products made?

P&C products are happily handmade by a small team of sewing goddesses in a beautiful mill building studio in Manchester, Connecticut, USA.


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